Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow day

The world has gone slightly crazy, myself included.

There's something about the sight of snow falling that brings out the child in most people. The others just whinge about it being a nuisance, and dash our igloo-building dreams by telling us that actually there's only 3 inches of snow or that it will rain by lunchtime. Perhaps we should feel sorry for them, because they probably lead rather sad and unfulfilled lives.

There's something almost magical about being the first one to walk across an untouched area of snow. It's thrilling when you're six, no less so when you're twenty-six (and then some). The pristine whiteness is just so inviting.....

Today at campus, students living in the halls of residence were building snowmen and sliding down the hills on any materials to hand. This being Cornwall, there were a fair number of body boards being pressed into service, plus the inspired use of a canoe.

At Truro railway station, a snowman had made his way up onto the platform. He may just have been a trainspotter, as he seemed content to sit and watch the world go by. I tried to strike up a conversation, but he didn't seem to be in a particularly talkative frame of mind. Or perhaps it was my rendition of Frosty the Snowman that put him off.

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