Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Random thoughts on a Wednesday evening

Why is it that when I can't actually physically write anything (for example, rushing into campus this morning, or standing in the shower) my mind is full of things to write about, but as soon as I click 'new blog' I find my thoughts scatter like a flock of birds disturbed by a sudden movement....

I have been known to scribble down my thoughts and ideas on whatever paper comes to hand when I wake at 3am. The only problem then is deciphering what appears to be the scrawl of a five year old. Inspiration will strike wherever, whenever it likes, without warning, invitation, or any sense of what is convenient.

Right now I'm thinking about cannibalism. I should probably explain that 'cannibalism is good' is the subject for one of my assignments this week, rather than a macabre and somewhat disturbing new interest I've developed. I'm intrigued to see what everyone else is going to write on this; I've yet to decide what angle I'm going to take on the subject. It has certainly provoked a lot of discussion, covering everything from the anthropological to the ridiculous.

Earlier today we had our introduction to business writing. For part of the session, we were asked to think up promotional slogans for a well known charity. Hmmm.... Cannibalism: 'I'm loving it' Perhaps not.

Food for thought......

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