Monday, 17 November 2008

Stuck on the Form

I was writing this blog yesterday when the internet went down. Grr. So here's a completely different one.

I feel as though I've accomplished something productive today. And guess what? I actually left the house today! Admittedly it was only to go to the shop (about 2 mins walk away), but at least I made contact with the outside world. Sometimes I do feel a little like the Lady of Shalott, sitting here, typing away in my room. I digress.

So this week, I've been wrestling with a form of a different sort for our Writing Structure class. We've moved on from rhetorical argument to the story form. Strangely enough, I've actually found this more difficult. It was slightly depressing to see some of the beautifully constructive, creative offerings that some people had posted. I suppose it's just a different way of working. While I can see the point, the discipline sits uneasily with me.

I'm not much of a planner when it comes to writing. Generally I'll work with an idea, a theme or an image and see where it takes me. It usually comes out in some sort of organised structure, and then I can go back and tweak it later.

The other problem I've been having this week is that I seem to have so many thoughts jostling for space in my mind. But then that's another part of the discipline I'm trying to take on board - learning to write about what I have to rather than what I want to write about.

My notebook is filling up with ideas I want to come back to later when I have a little more time. Although right now I can't quite imagine when that will be.....

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